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Shipping Less than Container Load'sless than container load shipping rates

Less than container load (LCL) is a mode of shipping

where cargo from various shippers is packed (consolidated) into the same container. This is done to save on shipping costs and is best used for a shipment that is not large enough to fill a standard cargo container.

As a rule of thumb anything below 10 cubic meters in volume should be sent via LCL. The cargo is delivered to a container freight station (CFS) where it is received, manifested and packed into a share container.

Once all cargo has been packed, the container is sealed and delivered to the wharf to be loaded onto the vessel.Upon arrival at the destination port the container is unloaded from the vessel and taken to the destination CFS to be unpacked.

For LCL shipments the term ‘CFS to CFS’ is stated on the Bill of Lading, this indicates that the contract of carriage is from the receiving container freight station to the destination container freight station, it should be noted that these freight stations are not always located at ports and may be an inland destination.

Choosing The Right -Freight Forwarding Service

When deciding on the type of forwarder to use, you may assess your choices though many deciding factors, which may include the kind and volume of goods that you are planning to transport, the pick-up location, the receiver's destination, and the transport mode that you most prefer.

Most freight forwarders have their own specializations; therefore we suggest you narrow down your selection of your forwarder based on your own requirements.