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Customs Broker customs broker

The Australian Customs and Quarantine formalities required for the clearance of imports or exports consignments into or out of Australia are highly regulated.
Duty rates, customs clearance and entry processes can all differ depending on the exporting country, making the customs clearance process confusing, our experts will help expedite the delivery of your shipment, avoiding costly and inconvenient delays that may arise regarding tariff classifications, value declarations and duty management.

Therefore, correct preparation and completion of the customs clearance & quarantine clearance formalities are a critical requirement.
Heavy penalties may be applied to you if the correct procedures are not followed or fulfilled. Our customs clearance services are professional, reliable and competitively priced.We provide an Australia-wide service, covering all major sea and airports, cities and towns.

Always ensuring the customs clearance documentation is properly completed with the correct import and export procedures followed to ensure prompt cargo deliveries and minimize any potential clearance delays.
All our customs brokerage systems are electronically linked to the Australian Customs and Quarantine service and other relevant government departments allowing us to access the current duty rates, duty concessions and other information traditionally stored in large paper volumes in an instant.

This combined with our expert clearance personnel ensures our service is second to none. We always go the extra distance ensuring your cargo is cleared and delivered on time every time. Don’t let any potential customs clearance delays cost your business time or money.

Our customs experienced brokers and agents are experts in all aspect of customs formalities, making us uniquely placed to help you navigate the complex and often confusing world of Australian Customs, the working tariff and Australian Quarantine.In addition to our expert clearance services, we also have an Australia-wide local transport network that ensures your cargo can be delivered on time, no matter where you are situated.

As an international Freight Forwarder, we can offer a comprehensive global door to door service – allowing us to make sure the greatest of care is taken with you goods from the shipper’s warehouse to your door and allowing you benefit of knowing that your goods are being handled by the experts.

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