Consolidate Cargo Shipping Rates | Consolidated Cargo Sea Freight Prices

consolidated freight shippingConsolidate your Sea Freight Shipments to Save$

Freight consolidation are ideal for non-time sensitive cargo as offer a cost effective method of sea or air shipping.Consolidations usually have reduced sailings or flight schedules to choose from ,as they are usually based on a weekly or fortnighty sailing schedule. 

How are consoldation shipments organized ?
CONSOLATIONS'S are organized by combining multiple items of cargo to make a full load to then to be carried by a single scheduled ocean vessel or chartered air flight.These will generally be at regular intervals such as once a week or fortnightly. The benefit is that the you get to buy cargo space in bulk thus reducing the cost of each item on that ocean shipment or air flight, making consols services much cheaper than expedited premium services. Availability of consols are dependent on cargo volume & destination routes, with the most popular routes offer the widest choice of services and the more remote destinations often offering none at all. 

We offer a range of weekly services to major destinations. consolidated shipments