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Break Bulk Shipping

Whenever your cargo volume does not fit into a regular shipping container, you may be transporting large,over-sized items in dimensions and weight or items that cannot fit into rectangular containers then break-bulk cargo may be your transport solution.

Break bulk sea freight shipments are also referred as unitized - non containerized pallets, bundles, bags, barrels, unpacked vehicles, boats; some examples of break bulk cargo are farm machinery, mining equipment, windmills, transformers, oil field equipment, ore, timber, steel and yachts.
Generally, sea freight cargo handling equipment for break bulk loading and unloading comprises only basic equipment such as overhead cranes, ship side cranes and forklifts.

The handling of the cargo is moved from the truck, to wharf receiving area and then to ship side for loading onto the ship. Break bulk cargo is handled more frequently which increases the potential for the possibility of lost, theft or cargo damage.

How Are The Freight Charges Calculated When Shipping By Break Bulk?

Break bulk freight is charged on the cubic meters of your cargo or kg weight if the weight of the cargo is greater than the cubic meters of the cargo.

Important tip -When shipping over dimensional cargo and or by disassembling, assembling or consolidating into unit loads , achieves lowering of the height, width or length which then  reduces your cubic meters of freight to be sent, you are lowering the freight cost saving $$$  

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